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“Chevrolet Sail In China Likely To Recieve A Facelift” plus 2 more Motorbeam

“Chevrolet Sail In China Likely To Recieve A Facelift” plus 2 more Motorbeam

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Chevrolet Sail In China Likely To Recieve A Facelift

Posted: 29 Oct 2012 04:02 AM PDT

Facelifted Chevrolet Sail China Camouflaged

The Chevrolet Sail was spotted with minor camouflage in Shanghai, China. This may suggest that the sedan is on the verge of getting a facelift. The Chevrolet Sail was developed by SAIC in collaboration with GM in China and has been on roads since a long time. The hatchback version was launched in China in 2010. The priority China is getting, because the Sail being born there, is well understood. The Chevrolet Sail sedan has not yet been introduced in the Indian market. GM decided to launch the hatchback version Sail U-VA first, which is due for launch on 2nd November 2012.

Although not a thorough camouflage and not much effort taken to disguise the entire body, a few black patches were noticed at the front, around the headlamps and at the rear. This hints that a new bodywork can be expected around these places. This is merely a facelift for a refreshed look and nothing more. We still see the typical Sail dual front-grille. So an assumption can be made that this is definitely not a new generation Chevrolet Sail. The facelifted Sail is expected to debut at the 2013 Shanghai Auto show.

GM-India is currently busy with the launch of the Chevrolet Sail U-VA which it hopes to be a fortune turner for the company. It is only post this event that GM will focus on the Sedan version. Vigorous final-phase testing have been observed in India and the launch could be near. But India is less likely to receive the facelifted body and will feature the current Chevrolet Sail design. Maybe when India receives the next version of the Sail, the new design would be incorporated on the Sail.

Facelift Chevrolet Sail China Camouflaged

Source – CarNewsChina

Ford Introduces ‘Quick Lane’ Service In Bengaluru

Posted: 29 Oct 2012 03:57 AM PDT

Ford Quick Lane Service

Ford has taken an extra step towards better customer service by launching its first ‘Quick Lane’ service at Metro Ford, Bangalore. This new service features extended operating hours on both the weekdays and Saturdays. This is basically focused towards those customers who are running short of time. ‘No Appointment Necessary' and 'While you Wait' services are the ones to be noted. The customers have the option to get small repairs done without a prior appointment. This also includes services like oil and filter changes, brake systems, tires, suspension systems, exhaust systems and tune-ups.

“We have now introduced the option of speedy, no-appointment necessary service during hours that fit the busy schedules of our customers,” John Cooper, Executive Director, Ford Asia Pacific and Africa, said.

Customers can wait in an air-conditioned reception area while their vehicles get a quick service. They have access to Wi-fi and thus the wait is not that all boring. They can also interact with the service advisors on the shop floor. The service is provided by trained experts and the as per the company officials, the customers would get an altogether different experience. The main service centres of Ford would do the routine servicing and would cater to major repairs. On the other hand, Quick Lane service would only look after minor problems.

The service centre is laid across 10,000 sq. ft area and it can service 35 cars per day. With this launch, Ford now has 11 sales and service outlets in Bangalore alone. Plans are in place for extending this service across locations. Currently, Ford has 241 sales and service outlets across the country, covering 127 cities. By 2015-16, the expansion plans would take the number to almost 500 outlets. Extended hour servicing on a Saturday? Well, that works for most of us.

Ford Quick Lane Service Bangalore

Nissan Evalia Moves Red Bull Racing At BIC

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 08:30 PM PDT

Nissan Evalia Support Car

Renault and Nissan are global partners and Infinity, a brand owned by Nissan also happens to be a sponsor of the Red Bull Racing team. Red Bull racing has been using the NV200 and NV400 as their support vehicles globally and Nissan's Light Commercial Vehicle Business Unit provided the Red Bull team with ten all-new Evalia vehicles to support race operations at the Indian Grand Prix. With Red Bull Racing team logos, the Nissan Evalia will played a vital role in supporting Red Bull Racing by transporting equipment and staff at the Formula One Indian Grand Prix.

Nissan Evalia Support Car

To assist with Red Bull Racing's transportation needs, Nissan's Light Commercial Vehicle Business Unit is supplying a fleet of more than 30 vehicles and related services to the team. Nissan support vehicles have been based at the team's UK headquarters and used for all European events. Through supply of the NV200 and Civilian for the Chinese Grand Prix in April, the NV3500 for the Grand Prix du Canada in June, and NV350 in Grand Prix Japan and so forth, Nissan has provided vehicles that meet the team's needs in each region. For the Indian Grand Prix, the recently-released Nissan Evalia has been chosen.

"Within such a high- pressure and challenging environment as Formula One, we need reliable partners taking care of all our versatile transportation needs all over the world. Extensive travel is part and parcel of Formula One, and the transportation of our material and staff are an essential part of our successful operations. We are very reassured that the Evalia will be supporting our race operations at this year's India Grand Prix." – Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing

The Nissan Evalia is powered by the globally-proven 1.5 dci straight-4 turbocharged diesel from Renault Nissan's engine family, which can churn out 85 PS of power @ 3750 rpm and a maximum torque of 200 Nm @ 2000 rpm mated to a five speed manual transmission, the Evalia delivers a fuel efficiency of 19.3 kmpl of diesel (ARAI certified).

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