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Cars VW

Cars VW

Exploring High Tech Gadgets in the New VW Golf

Posted: 16 Nov 2012 07:21 AM PST

The seventh generation of the VW Golf has just been unveiled in Berlin, and it boasts some surprisingly advanced technological features for such a small car. Basic upgrades include more room for passengers and increased levels of efficiency, according to the first car reviews that have come out. The new VW Golf is 100 kg lighter than the sixth generation model, which helps make it up to 23% more efficient. Its safety standards have improved as well, thanks to the latest safety systems that have been built into this car. The following are a few of the most impressive uses of technology in the new Golf.

Touchscreen Infotainment System

The cockpit of the new Golf has been redesigned, with the central console now angled towards the driver for added convenience. All models have touchscreen systems, ranging from a basic 5.8 inch colour display system to a satellite navigation system with an 8-inch display in the more upmarket models. Based on the design of a smartphone, features of this system include auxiliary inputs for USB, Bluetooth access, satellite navigation, and digital radio.

Collision Protection

To boost the safety levels of the new Golf, a number of technological features have been added. The latest VW car news mentions a multi-collision braking system. This helps automatically brake if there is a collision, to reduce the chances of the car spinning out of control and becoming involved in a second collision. Another feature to prevent accidents is the PreCrash system, which jumps into action should the car sense the possibility of an accident. Should this occur, the vehicle will tighten seatbelts and close all windows and sunroof so that airbags will be able to work most effectively.

Fatigue Protection

First introduced with the VW Passat, the new Golf also now features protection against driver fatigue. The car is programmed to record driver inputs and record your patterns, so that if these start to change it can detect this. By monitoring your speed, steering angle, and the time spent on the road, the car can suggest when it’s time to take a break.

Electronic Driving Aids

In addition to the driver alert system, there are additional electronic driving aids built into the new VW Golf, including Adaptive Cruise Control. This involves the use of radar sensors to ensure that you are driving with an adequate amount of distance between you and other vehicles. A City Emergency Braking system can help automatically stop the car at speeds up to 30 km/hour, reducing the chances of accidents in urban settings. One of the most impressive features in this redesigned Golf is the Lane Assist function. This is normally associated more with luxury vehicles, and keeps you well within the boundaries of your lane. Should a problem be detected, the steering wheel buzzes slightly to ease you back into the right lane.

New VW Golf

New VW Golf

These added features have taken the seventh generation VW Golf to a whole new level of safety and comfort. For a small, economical vehicle, the Golf is feeling more and more luxurious.

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VW Eos goes posh to avoid cabrio clash

Posted: 16 Nov 2012 06:03 AM PST

Volkswagen‘s next-generation Eos is set to be pushed upmarket as the firm seeks to prevent overlap with the Golf cabriolet.

VW R&D chief Ulrich Hackenberg said “he could imagine the Eos and Golf cabriolet coming together” in a buyer’s eyes, despite the Eos having a retractable hard-top instead of the Golf’s soft-top.

With weight reduction becoming increasingly important, Hackenberg concedes that the market is moving away from folding hard-tops. But he added that a folding hard-top was a better fit with a ‘premium’ model and believes the solution could be to push the Eos upmarket.

“We have the versatility to do both,” he said, referring to the flexible nature of VW’s new MQB platform.

New Volkswagen Eos convertible

New Volkswagen Eos convertible

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