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“Hero MotoCorp Launches Passion XPro” plus 3 more Motorbeam

“Hero MotoCorp Launches Passion XPro” plus 3 more Motorbeam

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Hero MotoCorp Launches Passion XPro

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 07:43 AM PST

Hero Passion XPro

During the 2012 Auto Expo this year, Hero MotoCorp showcased three products, namely Ignitor, Maestro and Passion XPro, to be launched this year. Out of these, Maestro is a110cc scooter and Ignitor and PassionX Pro are 125cc and 110cc commuter bikes respectively. The one thing common in all these three products is that they carry Honda DNA in them. Maestro and Ignitor were launched earlier this year and now Passion XPro has also been launched silently. Few days back, we heard that Hero Passion XPro dispatches have been started and many dealers have received it in stockyard. The dealers have confirmed to us that the bikes are available with them for display but bookings have not yet opened because of some formalities which are yet to be completed.

Even after parting up, Hero MotoCorp and Honda 2-wheelers India had an agreement to share some technology. Taking the advantage of this, Hero has launched four products. Impulse is re-engineered Honda Bros NXR 150, Maestro has engine and many other parts in common with the Honda Activa, Ignitor is re-engineered Honda CB Stunner and now PassionX Pro borrows engine and other components from Honda CB Twister. The Passion XPro is powered by 109.1cc, air-cooled, SOHC engine which produces 8.7 PS of power at 7500 RPM and 9.36 Nm of torque at 5500 RPM. Fuel is supplied to the engine through a conventional carburetor and the motor can be started by kick or optional self-start.

Power is transferred to the wheels through a 4-speed gearbox. There is an option of having tubeless tyres, electric start and alloy wheels at an added cost. The suspension setup is tad similar to other Hero bikes. On looks front, this bike is typical Hero product which comes with heavy sticker job. The fuel tank now has plastic panels and side panel gets matte black treatment. Rest is similar to the existing Passion Pro and carries similar dual tone paint job. This bike comes in 8 different color options. Instrument cluster is also similar to Passion Pro which has combination of analogue speedometer and digital information display.

We can sum it up this bike as a Passion Pro with a heart of Honda CB Twister. Obviously, it has some advantages associated with it, like refined and reliable Honda engine and easy and less costly after-sales service of Hero MotorCorp. This will be the last bike from Hero Motocorp that will carry Honda;s DNA in it. The bookings for this may start just before Diwali or 2-3 days after it. Hero MotoCorp has priced the Passion XPro from Rs. 51,500/- for drum brake, kick start with spoke wheels variant to Rs. 56,900/- for front disc brake, self-start with alloy wheels variant (all prices, on-road Delhi).

Hero Passion x Pro Features

Hero Passion XPro Prices

BMW 116d Returns 36.5 km/l In UK

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 01:18 AM PST

2013 BMW 116d Exterior

At an event called the RAC Future Car Challenge in the UK, the latest generation BMW 116d Efficient Dynamics (hatchback) achieved an astonishing Fuel Economy (city + highway combined) of 36.4 km/l! The official fuel economy figure for the UK market is 26 km/l, thus making this an amazing achievement. The car was driven from Brighton to London, a distance of 102 km, on varied traffic sections, hill sections and open roads. So usually driving in such conditions results in a much lower fuel efficiency, but the car outperformed everyone's expectations!

The BMW 1-Series has a 2.0–litre turbo diesel engine which produces 116 BHP of power and 260 Nm of torque. The 116d does 0 – 100 km/hr in 10.5 seconds and has top speed of 195 km/hr. The car was fitted with low rolling resistance tyres and has upgrades in the aerodynamics, resulting in lesser wind resistance. BMW says this is their cleanest car ever with CO2 emissions of only 99 g/km.

This event, the RAC Future Car Challenge, was started in 2010 where the aim is to drive on a 102 km route and use the least amount of energy / fuel in any car which is said to be fuel saving like standard petrol or diesel cars, hybrid, electric or even hydrogen powered cars. This challenge tells us how these cars perform on the varied route and real life conditions and also how effective the upgrades or changes made by manufacturers claiming better economy are.

So now the questions remains when BMW are planning to introduce this amazing car in the ‘Fuel Economy’ conscious Indian market. If not the 1-Series, then BMW can definitely provide this brilliant diesel engine, the aerodynamic upgrades and low rolling resistance tyres as standard fitment to their current cars, probably the entry level X1. Such a move will definitely boost the sales of the already successful German luxury car brand in India.

2013 BMW 116d

Nissan Sunny Gets Impul Package In Malaysia

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 01:00 AM PST

Nissan Sunny Impul Kit

Nissan has launched the Nissan Sunny, re-badging it as 'Almera', in Malaysia. Overall it is almost identical to our Indian version but with quite a few add-ons. It is powered by the same HR15DE 1.5–litre, 4-cylinder petrol engine, albeit in a higher tune, producing 100.6 BHP of power and 139 Nm of torque. The Indian Sunny produces 90 BHP. Also an automatic transmission is available which is yet to be introduced in India. Fuel economy figures are 15.9 km/l for manual and 14.9 km/l for the Auto version. But no diesel option is available. The Sunny is priced at Rs. 11.89 lakhs for the base E variant an Rs. 14.22 lakhs for the top end VL variant.

However the main difference is the 'optional packs' available making it a much more desirable package than its Indian incarnation. The Sunny is very feature rich with Premium Navi Package getting Satellite Navigation, 6-inch screen, Bluetooth and much more which is all missing from the Indian version. Also the most interesting pack is called the ‘Impul Package’ with gives sporty upgrades to the otherwise boring sedan. In the looks department, the package gives a sporty front grill and Impul Aerokit which is an amazing body kit complete with a rear boot spoiler. In the acoustics department it gets a sports muffler for the exhaust. The vehicle also gets Sports Suspension, lowering the car by 25 mm and bigger wheels. You have a choice of 16 or 17-inch wheels.

Considering the boring image of the Nissan Sunny in India introducing these packages will surely give the sales a bit of a push. Especially the Sporty Impul Body kit and bigger wheels will give some oomph to the apperance making it more attractive to younger buyers who shy away from the practical and boring image the car. The satellite navigation and Bluetooth from the Navi package will make the Sunny more feature rich making it more desirable and cope better with its competition like the Tata Indigo Manza Club Class. We have to wait and watch to see how Nissan proceeds with improving the Sunny on our shores.

Nissan Almera Impul Kit

Nissan Sunny Body Kit

Nissan Sunny Impul Body Kit

Source – Paultan.org

Fiat To Launch Nineteen New Cars In Europe

Posted: 05 Nov 2012 10:05 PM PST


While the automobile market in Europe is fading and car makers are on the verge of reducing operations to as low as half the production capacity, Fiat has an altogether different strategy to slide from this crisis. The Italian automaker will be utilizing the idle plants to manufacture its luxury brands like Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Chrysler. Fiat announced profits in the third quarter based on strong sales of Chrysler and a moderate demand for Fiat in Latin America and Asia. Fiat has also released a four-year strategy plan, according to which it plans about nineteen new models across its brands.

Alfa Romeo and Maserati brands are expected to get the most attention and plans are already in place to boost production of these cars. Nine new models are planned from the Alfa Romeo brand up to 2016. Fiat will be launching the smaller Jeep from the Chrysler stable in Italy while the Fiat brand will keep its focus compact on the lines of the 500 and the Panda. Maserati will be launching six new speedsters within the time frame.

Upcoming Fiat Launches By 2016 -

2013 – Fiat 500L 7-Seater (500XL)
2013 – Next Generation Maserati Quattroporte
2013 – Maserati Ghibli competitors to BMW 5-Series and Mercedes E-Class
2013 – Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe
2014 – Fiat 500X crossover to replace Sedici
2014 – Small Jeep SUV ‘baby Wrangler’
2014 – Large Alfa Romeo sedan to succeed 164
2014 – Alfa Romeo 4C Spyder
2014 – Maserati Levante SUV based on Jeep Grand Cherokee
2015 – Next Generation Fiat Linea
2015 – Fiat Linea hatchback
2015 – Fiat Freemont minivan
2015 – Alfa Romeo Giulia – 159 replacement
2015 – Large Alfa Romeo SUV
2015 – Alfa Romeo roadster co-developed with the next generation Mazda MX-5
2015 – Next Generation Maserati GranTurismo Coupe
2015 – Next Generation Maserati GranTurismo Convertible
2015 – New Lancia model
2015 – New Jeep models to replace Compass and Patriot
2015 – 7-seater Jeep Grand Wagoneer

However, top Fiat officials agree, that this strategy relies almost wholly on the success of Alfa Romeo which is the most affordable of the premium Fiat brands in Italy. Fiat was down with a loss of €46 million last year. It had shut down one of its plant which had reduced the total production by a 1,00,000 cars for the European market. The total target volumes focused for 2014-15 were also reduced by a substantial number. But the net profit for the third quarter this year rose to €39 million. There will not be an increase in production numbers but a thorough utilization of its various manufacturing facilities spread across Italy, and focus its sales in Europe as well as the export market. The implementation of this new strategy will help Fiat not to shut down it’s plants and save a few thousand jobs.


Source – Paultan

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