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Cars VW

Porsche hit record sale in 2012

Posted: 20 Jan 2013 03:41 AM PST

The Germans from  Porsche managed to surpass their all-time record sales in 2012. Cayenne is the most popular model.

Last year Porsche surpassed the sale record established in 2011. World wide, Porsche recorded two figure sales in 2012 in comparison to the previous year, the biggest growth took place in Asia-Pacific, +23.6%, America – 19.5% and Europe 13.5%. The most popular model of the German sport cars is the Cayenne SUV. In comparison to 2011, Porsche delivered with 18.75 more units in 2012, reaching to a total of 141.975.

"It’s the best year in our history. The commitment to all employees was the key factor in obtaining this result", said Matthias Muller, Porsche president and CEO. Porsche executive member of the board, Bernhard Maier added: " We want to continue this growth in 2013 by launching new models."

Last year Porsche delivered to its Romanian clients 138 cars, surpassing last year’s performance with 35%. Cayenne had the biggest sales growth, as it happened world wide, with 102 sold units and 48 %  growth compared to 2011. Also, the 911 Carrera model sold with 45% more than last year.

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne

In 2012, Porsche sales increased due to the launch of the 911 and Boxster models, both part of the new generation. In 2013 Porsche will launch three new models: 918 Spyder, Cayman and Macan. All three of them are ready for production, and the Germans are going to reach their aim with Cayman and Macan, the latter being sold on the SUV premium compact segment market.

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